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Invited by the management of Schloss Basthorst in Crivitz (Northern Germany), Lex van Wel, together with his fellow musicians, founded Discophonic Orchestra in 2014, building on his over twenty years of experience with previous orchestras and projects at festivals, corporate events and galas, both nationally and internationally. This invitation was such a success that the orchestra was invited back twice more in the following years.

In contrast to previous projects, the orchestra has now been enriched with a string section, backing vocals and an impressive line-up of top vocal talent. In addition to his business responsibilities, Lex has also taken on the artistic roles of arranger and orchestra leader.

Discophonic Orchestra is committed to celebrating the glorious and unforgettable hits from the successful years of disco, a genre that absolutely deserves the status of an art form, and to offer an unparalleled musical celebration that appeals to all visitors. Performing for an increasingly large and enthusiastic audience is a source of inspiration and satisfaction for the orchestra.


The joy and passion that the orchestra radiates are clearly palpable in every performance. With a unique composition of thirty top musicians, the orchestra distinguishes itself in Europe through its excellent interpretation of disco and related genres. Thanks to the music production team and a brilliant technical staff of lighting and sound technicians, the musical possibilities are unprecedented, but, proudly, always LIVE.

Jazz trombonist Lex van Wel, who has taken on both business responsibilities and the artistic roles of arranger and orchestra leader, shares his vision of the orchestra: "From a young age, I was enchanted by the power of orchestral music. Alongside Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, and James Last, it was particularly the disco music of my youth that captivated me. Earth, Wind and Fire, Tavares, Shirley Bassey, Kool and the Gang, the beautiful Quincy Jones productions of Michael Jackson at the start of his solo career, and the amazing orchestral songs of 

Discophonic Orchestra is passionately led to great heights by our founder, musical director and arranger Lex van Wel

Donna Summer inspired me to pursue music studies. As a graduated jazz musician, I have had the privilege over the past 35 years to collaborate with many of my aforementioned idols and, more importantly, colleagues who exemplified dedication, talent, and experience.

Discophonic Orchestra is a symbol of this long-standing dedication as well as craftsmanship, passion, and love for this music. The musicians within the orchestra, who together exemplify the breakdown of barriers in the segmented (classical, jazz, pop, musical theater) music industry, are very special to me; everyone contributes from their own strength. It is always a celebration to work with these virtuosic people as an orchestra leader, both on and off the stage. My age and experience in music enable me to precisely understand what makes a musician's heart beat faster and what touches the audience, resulting in a fantastic synergy."

Discophonic Orchestra in action with our talented 80CA

In addition to the regular shows at the larger music venues and theaters, Discophonic Orchestra can also regularly be seen at festivals and (private and corporate) events, both at home and abroad.

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