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Teena Marie

At Discophonic Orchestra, we are incredibly proud of our talented and dedicated crew. Every concert and show is made possible by the extraordinary efforts of our soloists, musicians, post-production, technical, and support teams, as well as our management. These remarkable individuals are at the heart of Discophonic Orchestra and are the driving force behind our success at music venues, theaters, auditoriums, and corporate events.

Thanks to their craftsmanship and passion, we are able to put on grand and memorable shows time and again. Each member of our crew plays a crucial role, and together we ensure that every performance by Discophonic Orchestra is a unique and unforgettable experience for our audience. Below you will find the names of all the amazing people who contribute to making our shows happen. We are deeply grateful for their hard work and dedication.

Musical Director:

Lex van Wel (A&R & Arranger)


80CA (A&R, Choreo & Styling)

Peti van der Velde

Nigel Brown

Geralt van Gemert

Backing Vocals:

Gaby Kaihatu

Kim Pendjol

Spencer Croes

Horn section:

Werner Janssen (Altosax & Fluit)

Jasper Staps (Tenorsax, Fluit & Arranger)

Nils van Haften (Bariton-, Tenorsax & Clarinet)

Dave Vreuls (Trompet & Fluegelhorn)

Cees Trappenburg (Trompet & Fluegelhorn)

Martijn Sohier (Trombone)

Rhythm section:

Patrick Drabe (Guitar & Producer)

Bart Rademakers (Keyboards & Arranger)

Danny van Kessel (Piano)

Cord Heiniking (Bass)

Marc Schenk (Drums)

String Section:

Asia Czaj

Yvonne van der Pol

Anne van Eck

Lieke Daniels

Ewelina Peeters

Kim de Beer

Judith Noordzij

Melanie van Overbeeke (Viola)

Eglé Kaunietyté (Violin & Viola)

Marie-José Didderen (Cello)


Bram Martens



Hybrid Hugo

Sound Engineers:

Noll Teunissen (C.O.S.)

Boeis Römer

Jaco Gerardts

Frank Winkelman (F.O.H.)

Light Desinger:

Tom Spaan 

Tour Manager:

John de Graaf

Pref. Supplier:

Hoevenaars Nuenen


Wouter Loeve



Lars Cleven | Lafo Media

Front-/Backstage, Styling & Int. hospitality:

Annemarie Keijzer

Emely Caupain

Stichting Disco Nederland:

Lex van Wel 

Annemarie Keijzer (HR)

Ciska de Smit (Office)

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